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We will be taking entries for Doll of the Month (botm) for July, soon!

Our June Dolls of the Month (botm) are Unearned-sorrows & Megasuperdimitri!

All members will be getting updated screenies throughout the month! You can search them by blog type here or enter the blog url (no spaces or hyphens - example: aestheticgrotesque) in the tag search bar.

Our Dollhouse was deleted, for some reason, so we will be making a new members-only page as soon as possible! Sorry & please be patient!

Dedicated to all things creepy and cute. Whether your blog is horror, kittens & kinks, or a putrid pink slaughter-fest, this is the cult for you.♥

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next month!)

Doll Lungs Network is proud to present our creepy-cute blog dedicated to our wonderful members!

Lamb & I have been working hard to make a blog and dash for the “dolls” of our network. We are lovingly calling it the Dollhouse.

In our little dollhouse, members can interact via our adorable chat box, make a dolly to be displayed on the member page, participate in our Doll of the Month event,  make posts, submit things, and more!

We want this blog to be a little “home” blog for our members to enjoy and interact with each other. All Doll Lungs members are welcome and will receive personal invites over the next day or so. 

To get started and enter the Dollhouse:

1. Read our about page

2. Submit your email and the name you would like to go by in the Dollhouse (for the chat and your cute dolly avatar)

3. Create a personalized avatar doll for the member page and then submit it as a “photo”

4. Sign up for the chat or just log into it via Facebook or any other site on the list

*When you sign up, please use the name you have sent us. This will be the name we will know you by and it should be the same as the name next to your avatar doll on the member page. If you sign in with Facebook or another site, please click “settings” on the chatbox and change your chat name to the name you have decided to go by.

4. Make posts, submit things, etc.

Details can be found on the about page. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, ask!

We hope you will enjoy the Dollhouse, lovelies.


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