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Admin Weasel here.
Guess what… After moving into my new house, my boyfriend told me my Tumblr blog got deleted AGAIN!

So I’ve been without a computer and Tumblr for about a month and I’ve also been working like mad (so had Lamb).
I finally got a new computer for my birthday and finally made a new Tumblr.
I’m trying to be crafty about it now - I have a main navigational blog and then a content blog that is password protected.

Sorry that the network has been so dead and we admins have been inactive. :(
Hopefully, now that things are settled, I’m going to pick back up and get screenie promos for everyone and get things rolling smoothly again.
We also are trying to get the Dollhouse up again.
I’m so sorry again, dolls!
I hope you all are well & I thank you for sticking with us!



I’m so sorry, dolls!
I’ve been working almost every day to get by & my dad is moving, so I’m having to help him too.
I know I’ve been slacking as Admin and I’m really so sorry. :(
I will get these screenies done (especially the new member ones), eventually. I will try to get at least the new member post and screenies done, this weekend.
I barely get on Tumblr - even my main - and the screenies we do take a long time, because we have so many members!
I think that this month, I’m going to hold off on taking in new members, until I can catch up.
I will try to get the DOTM entry posts up this weekend too.

Again, I’m really sorry. I’m always busy or exhausted. :(



I’m going to be going through all the member blogs linked to the member page. 

This means I will be checking:

  • If your url is valid (which will be obvious)
  • If you have a network badge/link on your blog
  • If you have been active within the last month or 2 via archive
  • If you are following the network main page

If you are missing a badge/link, have not been active this month or last month, and/or are not following us, YOU WILL GET 1 MESSAGE in regards to what the issue is. If you do not reply by the time I go through all the blogs again and resolve the issue, you will be removed.

If your url does not link me through, because you have been deleted or you changed your url and didn’t tell us, you’ll be removed immediately.

Sorry dolls, but I have to do this, so we can have active members that want to be in the network and so we can make room for new members.

If you have changed your url, now is the time to let us know about it.

The good news is, if you are on the member page & are following all these rules, you’ll be getting a new screenie promo!

When we get the new Dollhouse member-only page up, you’ll be asked to send your email in so we can add you to it’s dash as well as follow that page, but I’ll let you know when we get there. :)

Thank you!



So I finally got the DOTM done. And Lamb & I are going to be working on getting a new member-only blog up, as soon as we can.
If you have suggestions for the new member-page, please reply or message us! We are thinking of password protecting the blog.

Next up is getting the new members that have applied this month taken care of. I’ll be getting their screenies & welcoming post up in the next few days.

THEN I’ll be trying to get a queue going for all the new screenies for all our lovely dolls.

Sorry I’ve been so behind, everyone! Tons of work, things going on, Tumblr being total crap, etc.

Hope everyone is doing well!



elorath replied to your post: zemunin said:Hey why the doll hou…

My network-chat page was removed and they wouldn’t give me a reason as to why, I even was in the email attached to the account. It was password protected so I don’t think it could have been reported, but needless to say I had to make a new one -_-

I’m sorry, doll!
The reporting and removal has really gotten out of control. It’s ridiculous.
I saw there’s even a “flag” button on posts now. Like, really? I knew Yahoo taking over only meant trouble. It’s really pissing me off & making me want to be done with Tumblr.


zemunin: Hey why the doll house was deleted? 

We don’t really know, since Lamb for got the password to the Doll Lungs email… Ha.
We’ve been trying to get into it, but we’re stuck on the second dumb security question. I’ll go try again today, because I’d really like to know too!
But basically, it looks like someone reported it either for “innapropriate content” (there were a few pics reblogged that had blood & nudity, though I tagged them as such) or it was reported for promo guideline violation or something like that. There are stupid rules about promoting & giveaways and whatnot that no one follows anyway, but there’s always “Tumblr justice warriors” that see a blog they don’t like & aren’t mature enough to just leave the page, but feel the need to report it.
I really don’t see how our Dollhouse was so badly violating guidelines that it was seen as fit to be deleted, but the new staff really sucks, so.
Admin Lamb & I are going to make a new page for you all, but it will take some time as we both work most of the week. 
We’ve discussed it, though, and we will be making a new page. Lamb will put the theme back together as she can & I’ll add the pages, chat, gather emails, etc (basically finish it off). 
Sorry & please be patient! Thanks. :)



The lovely megasuperdimitri has made us a new little icon & we love it!
Thanks, doll!