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Okay, dolls. I didn’t get much feedback, but I thought it over and talked with Admin Lamb about it.

We can go about our BOTM either of two ways, from now on & I need you guys to vote & let me know what you think.

  1. Keep the poll, but make participating easier
  2. Admin pick - We will select a member that stands out to us and has a nice theme and all that to feature and promote for the month

I will be trying to simplify our about pages and BOTM as much as I can anyway. But I need to know if people will actually participate in the polls or if we should just pick someone each month. I was thinking that dolls that want to be featured can reblog the BOTM post and if they want a better shot at being picked, they can make fansigns for the net or send us a message or something.

Leave us feedback in the comments & vote here, please!

What does everyone think?

Anonymous: In all honesty I get discouraged when there are too many rules. Follow this person, follow these social networks, go here and do this, add this, do that. Instead of just reblogging a post for endorsement/advertisement. It's confusing and a lot of work for just a promo or whatever. I wanted to apply but I stopped after the fifth request. It's kind of ridiculous. Which is also why I don't enter contests. 

I know there’s a lot of stuff to apply for the network itself, but that has yet to be a problem.
We get well over the usual 10 applicants we have spots for a month.
The process, like most networks is to follow the admin & the network blog/dash, email is for the member blog dash, badge or link is required for any network and reblogging the post is usually mandatory as well.
So the only we ask extra is to make your own dolly avatar for the member page.
We have no real rules other than be respectful, be active, let us know url changes, and have a link/badge on your blog.
I realize I type a lot and that’s a fault of mine - I’m bad at shortening what I say and how I explain things. As you can see here. Haha.

But yes, perhaps I ask for too much to be in the BOTM (Doll of the Month) and I should simplify it.
Maybe I will leave the part about people letting us know what they’ll do for votes and stuff up to that person and simply pick from those that reblog?
But what if people who don’t want to be in it reblog?
I would like to keep the guidelines for participating, though, even though they are pretty much common sense, we have had a few issues, so I had to put up some rules.

Thank you for your input! I will try to simplify things, if I can. =]

Give me suggestions and input on how to improve our network & our BOTM (Doll of the Month) specifically, please!



So the last month or so I’ve noticed that we only get 1 or 2 people at most to participate in our Doll of the Month (botm) event…
And I know everyone has obligations and things, but for us having almost 200 members, I find it a bit silly that we are having trouble getting people to participate.

With that, I have to wonder why. Am I doing something wrong, is there confusion, or what?

I’d like to hear from as many of you dolls as I can on suggestions or comments regarding our Doll of the Month.
It’s not a ton of work, but it is frustrating when I put it all together each month only to have no one apply or just 1 - 2 people. So if no one cares about it and it’s dumb or something, I’d rather not do all the effort of a poll and stuff and instead maybe just randomly pick a doll & blog to feature.
I don’t know - help me out, lovelies.

You can reply to this post or message anon here.

What are some things I can do to make our BOTM better or fix to get people more interested?